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There have been countless horror stories of homes sinking in Florida due to settlement that causes an uneven foundation, with the main problem being the limestone in the ground of Florida.

Settlement can occur when water displaces underground soil, which weakens the overall integrity of the soil. If left untreated for long enough this can lead to serious problem for houses and buildings, especially because when these density “gaps” are formed underneath the structures, which causes them to slowly settle causing eventual structural damage.

Whenever there are heavy rains the water loosens the soil and creates voids in the ground. That is how settlement occurs, and it tend to occur commonly after major flooding or heavy downpours.

Even internal leaks can cause settlement. If a plumbing leak persists over time it can cause more than just settlement issues. It could create excess moisture inside the home leading to mold or the need for wood rot repair.

In recent years, settlement has become more commonplace and hazardous in Florida due to a rapidly growing population and unpredictable rain patterns.

Home Leveling Company

Home leveling or house leveling is a process by which you level the foundational alignment of a structure. There are a number of ways to level a home with either some form of crawl space foundation or a slab foundation. Residential and commercial structure can be leveled using a pressure pier system, pilings, or injecting concrete grout or even chemical grout.

Our house leveling expert will provide you with a estimate free of charge and provide you with an honest and expert solution for your house leveling needs. Regardless of your zip code we always do a great job and provide the best house leveling services.

If you are homeowner that is experiencing cracks in your home or driveway you could be experiencing settling issues that can cause foundation problems.

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At Above All Leveling we provide a lifetime guarantee for our foundation repair options for settlement and home leveling services. We are passionate about our work and our customers can be confident that they’ll be getting the highest quality of foundation repair services in Florida.

We have licensed, insured, and bonded contractors, who understand how important it is to protect your property from settlement. We know that foundation repairs and home leveling services can be expensive, which is why we provide foundation repair refinancing options to help you manage the cost of repairs.

Signs of Foundation Issues with your Property

The best way to deal with foundation issues is to identify them quickly and get them dealt with before there are any major structural damages to your property. The signs of foundation failure and catching a developing problem early can help you save thousands in future costs. Here are some of the common signs of a sinkhole developing on your property:

  • Cracks appearing in ceiling, floors, or walls of your house
  • Your home has started to sink or dropped slightly from one side
  • Floor tiles have started coming loose or popping up
  • Interior walls are separating from the ceiling
  • Cracks are appearing on the corner of window frames and doors
  • Drywall nails are pushing out or popping
  • Doors and windows are starting to get stuck
  • Your home has lost its energy efficiency due to a shift in its foundation
  • Dead spots, depressions, and other signs of settlement in your backyard

It’s important to spot the signs of foundation issues on your property early as early as possible, as it can be dealt with much easily. It also allows the foundation repair service to act fast and stabilize settlement around the area before any real damage is done to the foundation and structure.

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Foundation Repair and Home Leveling Options

At Above All Leveling we employ an extensive range of foundation repair and home leveling options. Some of the most common types are underpinning, replacing/repairing concrete, replacing/repairing footer, and slab jacking.

  • Underpinning
  • The underpinning method is basically a subsurface repair where metal piers, known as underpins are driven deep into the ground and are left imbedded in the earth. The underpinning method is a popular choice for repairing structures that have settled and caused or will cause damaged. Underpinning helps support the foundation of your home by transferring the weight of the home from the foundation and ensures a stable ground surface for the property.
  • Replacing/Repairing Concrete
  • Sometimes the foundation itself has failed and needs repaired or replaced. In a case like this, the foundation is examined for defects and failures and depending on the size of the affected area and the amount of damage and failure it has incurred. After determining the extent of the damage or failure it will either be repaired in place or completely replaced.
  • Replacing/Repairing Footer
  • Your structure’s footer extends around the perimeter. It is a thicker piece of concrete that your foundation rests on. If the footer is damaged or fails it can allow erosion to occur underneath your structure causing foundation damage and failure. Similar to concrete repair, your footer will be examined and then the correct course of action will be taken to either replace or repair it.
  • Slab Jacking
  • The slab jacking process of foundation repair and leveling involves drilling strategically placed holes in your foundation and then injecting a concrete mixture that contains additive materials under the base of the slab. This mixture then raises the concrete slab back to the proper desired level.

If you require assistance for professional foundation remediation and repairs in Florida or want to learn more about our foundation repair and remediation options, contact us for a free consultation.

Professional Emergency Foundation Repair Services in Florida!

Settlement can appear on your property due to various reasons, and it’s not always easy to spot, especially when you’re not actively looking on a regular basis. Sometimes you notice the settlement after too much damage has already been done to the foundation of the structure, and that’s why we provide professional emergency foundation repair services in Florida. We also provide void filling services for repairing serious settlement issues and our licensed contractors ensure that you get complete satisfaction from our services.

Above All Leveling has been providing excellent foundation repair and home leveling services to homeowners and businesses in Florida for a long time. We have a well-trained team of experienced professionals, with knowledge about the latest techniques of foundation repair. Our commitment is to provide you with permanent foundation stabilization solutions that will prevent future problems and rectify all damage to your Florida property.

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Steps to Take When You Detect Settlement on Your Property

If you notice that settlement has occured on your property, it is vital that you address the issue as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more damage can occur. The more your foundation is damaged the more likely you are to have damage to the structure itself.

You need to get in touch with your insurance company immediately if suspect you have foundation problems caused by settlement. Afterwards, you need to get in touch with Above All Leveling to help in assessing the damage and providing you with foundation repair and home leveling services.

Don’t attempt the foundation repair by yourself, because you can end up causing even more damage that will cost you even more money to repair in the long run. If there is a gradual settlement activity, you can get in touch with us to help get your slab and foundation stabilized before the damage becomes irreversible or too expensive.

Above All Leveling can handle both residential and commercial foundation repair and home leveling services and guarantee superior results.

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