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Above All Leveling is a proven foundation repair company that levels pier and beam houses; blocks and slabs; boat docks; seawalls and porches or sheds.

And we move small sheds and buildings; stop floors from shaking and handle all types of wood rot repair from water or termites, and concrete projects of all types.

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Foundation Repair

Discovering that your home needs foundation repair can be a nightmare. Above All Leveling can help you with the process.

Wood Rot Repair

Because of our tropical location, wood rot repair is a necessity at one point or another for most Florida homeowners.

Gutter Installation

Rain that isn't directed away from your foundation can have devasting, and costly affects on your home.

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Brian & Carmen Shoemaker

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Michael Turner

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Daisy Aguilera

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Above All Leveling is one of Central Florida’s most experienced foundation repair and home leveling experts. Our staff has been providing professional foundation repair and home leveling services for over 20 years. We know how to properly take care of foundation repair problems and we use that knowledge and experience on every project we manage.

From large to small we have completed all types of foundation repair, home leveling, wood rot repair, and gutter installation projects. Regardless of your home’s size and difficulty the odds are that we have completed a project very similar to the project you’re needing completed.


Providing a high quality, affordable service is extremely important to us here at Above All Leveling. We take pride in everything we do. We only use the highest grade of building materials available, regardless of the type of work. Don’t be fooled by some companies that have too good to be true pricing. They often choose price over quality by using inferior products and materials.

We price every project to stay as competitive as possible. Regardless of the type of service you need, we offer the best value in the market. Whether it’s foundation repair, gutter installation, wood rot repair, or home leveling, we try to price our services so they’re affordable for everyone.

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We stand behind everything we do. Our commitment to the homeowners we help and their homes we repair is unwavering. And that’s why their satisfaction is our top priority. We treat every home we work on like it’s our very own. We promise to arrive on time and do everything in our power to complete all projects in a timely manner.

We have been in business long enough to know that things don’t always go as planned, so we always take steps to ensure the work is done right and the quality is the absolute best. We go the extra mile and make sure that all homeowners we work with understand the entire process from start to finish. This is how we have always conducted business, and we will continue to do so always.

Wood Rot Repair Orlando, FL

If you live in Florida and own a home, you have probably needed wood rot repair, at some time. The humid climate of Florida couple with our hurricanes and other extreme weather enhances the possibility of wood rot, dry rot, brown rot, and other rotten wood issues.

Many people believe that rotted wood only causes damage if they see the damage. This is simply not the case. Moisture, leaks, fungus, and other wood rot issues can take a foothold in your home if you let it persist. When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, dry wood is good wood. Dry rot, of course, is a totally different matter.

Dry rot, brown rot, and other types of fungi can lead to problems in the floor joists, decks, door frames, wall frames, or even entire sections of the structure of your home. If you begin to see fungus, rot, or even curious issues on the wood surface and surround areas, make sure you call a professional to check it out.

A small issue in the basement that is left alone, for ten or more years, can actually drive the need for roof repairs over time. Don't wait to get your wood rot repaired. Get wood rot fixed as quickly as possible. It only causes problems the longer it waits.

Get your rotten wood fixed by our professional wood rot repair staff. With us on your side, wood rot simply doesn't stand a chance.

Gutter installation Orlando, FL

Gutter installation is a vital part of life in Florida. In fact the number one cause of foundation issues in Florida is a lack of quality gutter system with proper downspouts. It does not matter whether you choose seamless gutters, aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters, or even copper gutters. The most important thing to do is install gutters. If you have no gutters currently... get new gutters. The price to have a professional installer, install gutters or even get a good gutter cleaning is far less than the average cost of having your foundation repaired.

Having a professional installer complete the job will ensure that you have used the proper hangers, downspouts, downspout screens, gutter guards, screws and accessories. Gutters installed by professional help, not only protects your foundation, but also your siding, fascia, fascia boards,and flashing.

Getting a gutter replacement or even a new gutter installation, can be easy. The right rain gutters will make a world of difference.

If you want the most competitive price per linear foot, give us a call. Let us install new rain gutters or a quality gutter repair for you.

Foundation Repair & Home Leveling Orlando, FL

Home leveling in Orlando, FL tends to be a very important part of being an owner of an older home in Florida. Whether you have concrete pilings, a slab foundation, a pier and beam foundation, or simply a stand-alone concrete slab, many aspects of Florida life can create issues.

We have many years of experience providing home owners quality foundation repair. We can provide simple house leveling or even place the entire house on a system of pressure piers, that stabilizes your home on secure load-bearing strata.

Regardless, of your zip code, you should not let broken pilings or cracked slabs cause you problems.

If you need help with your house foundation, give us a call and we will provide a free estimate.