Foundation & Sinkhole Repair, House Leveling, Concrete Work

Above All Leveling is a proven foundation repair company that levels pier and beam houses; blocks and slabs; boat docks; seawalls and porches or sheds. And we move small sheds and buildings; stop floors from shaking and handle all types of wood rot repair from water or termites, and concrete projects of all types.Call us today: 407-349-0978.

State of the Art Methods

When you need foundation or sinkhole repair, grouting is probably one of the first words you will hear. Yet, in most cases, grouting is not the best solution. There are many ways to fix your house but there is no way to fix a sinkhole. Underpinning is one of the best ways to stabilize a structure that is sinking or cracking or to keep it from cracking. With this method we can lift your building and with steel brackets placed strategically around and through the structure, we can push steel pipe in the ground under hydraulic force to load-bearing strata to stabilize and raise the structure. Most underpinning comes with a warranty. Please call us to discuss your sinkhole repair problems and/or structure relocation needs.

Wood Frame Houses

  • - Wood houses new or old...
  • - Pier replacement or entire foundations...
  • - Shaking floors or crooked doors...


From foundation repair to sinkhole repair, we are the professionals that you can trust.

Florida Sinkholes

Due to the geological structure of the land in certain parts of Florida, portions of the state are exposed to the peril of a sinkhole. The occurrence of sinkholes is impacted by a variety of factors including population growth in sinkhole prone areas, changes in weather patterns, and water usage.

Above All Leveling will fix your Sinking or Cracking Home sometimes with just a few properly placed steel piers.


Leveling and Rotten Wood

We can level pier and beam houses; blocks and slabs; boat docks; seawalls and porches or sheds. We can also move small sheds and buildings. We level wood frame structures by crawling under and setting jacks in strategic locations to raise and then re-support where needed. We can keep floors from shaking and redo entire foundations along with all types of wood rot repair from water or termites. Rotten wood can also cause structures to lean and shake and cause piers to become crooked.

Concrete Projects

Above All Leveling also offers full-service concrete work, from driveways to patios to emergency hurricane bunkers. Allow the experienced concrete professionals at Above All Leveling provide a quote for your next concrete project! Our work is top notch quality and our prices are competitive.

Termite and Water Damage

- Have termites been partying in your house?
- Has water weakened your floors and walls?
- Does your house just need a helping hand?


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